About Your Library

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    Check Out Policies
    • Books are checked out for 2 weeks.
    • Books can be renewed - just bring it to library to renew.
    • Kindergarten library starts 1st week of September. Kdg. students will check out 1 book at a time. 
    •  First Grade will check out 1 book until December; Jan.-May check out 2 books. 
    • Students in grades 2 - 4 check out 2 books
    • Students in grades 5 - 6 check out 3 books..
    • Students with overdue books will NOT check out new books until overdue books are returned.
    • Students who begin the school year with outstanding books from the previous year will NOT check out books until the matter is settled.  
    • Library Expectations/Rules

    • Come prepared - bring your library books.
    • Classes come in and sit quietly waiting for directions from an adult. 
    • Good manners are expected - stay calm, quiet and respectful.
    • Your ID number is like your name - don't give it away.
    •  Use shelf markers when looking for books.
    • Turn pages carefully and always use a bookmark.
    • Treat books with respect - keep clean and dry and away from small children and pets.
    • If your book gets damaged, tell Mrs. Kersey or Mrs. Logan.
    • Return books on time.
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