Enrollment packets have gone out to all students for the 2019-2020 school year. Those can be turned in to the boxes near Mr. Lewis' office. The sooner the packets are turned in, the better the chance of getting the classes you want for next year! 

    8th grade-packets are due February 15, 2019

    7th grade-packets are due February 22, 2019


    There are more than 100 students who we show have not yet received the required tDap vaccine.  It is urgent that this be taken care of before school begins.  If your child is among this group, please be sure to get the immunization taken care of and to provide us with a copy of the record.  It can be faxed to us at (405) 793-3198

    State Law requires that every child receive the tDap vaccination by the time they reach the 7th grade.  Please be sure that your child has had this vaccination (and any other required immunization) and provide documentation to the school office.  Please have this completed before school begins in August.

    Thank you.