School Profile

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    General Information
        Enrollment: 2,400
                  12th grade (Seniors) 506 students
                  11th grade (Juniors) 610 students
                  10th grade (Sophomores) 620 students
                  9th grade (Freshmen) 664 students
           Grades: 9-12
           Mascot: Lions
           Colors: Red and blue
           Traditional 6 hour school day, 55 minute periods, 180 days
           Student attendance rate: 93.1%
           Faculty count:  144
                 Teachers: 130
              Teacher Assistants/Paras:  14 
                 Counselors: 6
                 Principals: 5
    Graduation Requirements
          Standard Requirements                                ACE/College Prep Requirements
            English:  4 units                                               English:  4 units
    Math:  3 units                                                   Math 3 units (Algebra I and higher)
            Science:  3 units                                              Science:  3 units
            Social Studies:  3 1/2 units                               Social Studies:  3 1/2 units
            Music or Physical Education:  1 unit                  Music or Physical Education:  1 unit
            Electives:  8 1/2 units                                       World Language or Comp Tech:  2 units
                                                                                  Additional:  1 unit from above/career tech
                                                                                  Electives:  5 1/2 units
             Total units for Graduation: 23 units                   Total units for Graduation:  23 units        
    Graduation Intentions
         Attend a 4-year college:  55%
            Attend a 2-year college:  28%
            Other: 17%
    Grading Scale
       A= 90-100
         B= 80-89
         C= 70-79
         D= 60-69
         F= 0-59
         NC= No credit, due to attendance

    GPA is based on a 4.0 scale.  AP and Honor classes are weighted with an A=5.0, B=4.0, and C=3.0


    Senior rankings and GPA’s are based on seven semesters and are weighted.

    AP Courses Offered
    AP Biology
    AP Calculus
    AP Chemistry
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Language and Composition
    AP Literature and Composition
    AP European History
    AP Government
    AP United States History
    AP Physics
    AP French IV
    AP Spanish IV
    AP Music Theory
    AP 2D Art
    AP 3D Art

    AP exams passed with 3,4,5: 61%

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    Test Scores
    Average ACT Scores
    ACT CEEB Code: 372-415
    '14-'15 21.3 20.7 21.0
    '15-'16 21.2 20.4 20.8
    '16-'17 20.0 19.4 21.0
    '17-'18 19.6 19.3  
    Oklahoma Academic Scholars
    All-State Students
    National Merit Students
    Annual scholarships awarded to seniors value at $5.8 million.
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