• Leopards                                     WELCOME TO THE COUNSELING CENTER!
                                                                                        Meri Taylor - Counselor
     As your Counselor it is my goal to provide resources and services to students, parents, and teachers in order to help students find success in attaining their academic and personal goals.  
    There are many ways this office will seek to meet the needs of academic and personal success.  Included would be the development of coping and decision-making skills through individual or group counseling.  Students are seen through self-referral, parent, teacher, or principal referral.   
     Other responsibilities include - but are not limited to - enrollment, course selection, and schedule adjustments, identifying students for the Duke Talent Search Program, Red Ribbon Week activities, tutoring opportunities, Career Day coordination, Parent Portal, attending IEPs, and executing the State tests.    
     Be watching for information on resources and opportunities.  If you have any concerns that a counselor can help address, please contact me.  You will find contact information below.
    735-4681 (office)  793-3224 (fax)