SEARCH Policy
    SEARCH students will be exempt from all work missed during the time
    spent in SEARCH.


    On the day students are in the SEARCH program, home school principal
    and teachers shall:
    • Avoid presenting major new concepts during SEARCH time
    • Post assignments presented in order for SEARCH students to be aware of content
    • Schedule tests around SEARCH time
    • Exempt students from tests missed while at SEARCH
    • Schedule school-wide events around SEARCH time
    • Exempt students from daily practice and drill work missed while at SEARCH


    SEARCH Homework Policy


    Homework is used primarily as reinforcement or as a means to complete unfinished classroom assignments.  Students who are involved in special programs are not required to make up assignments missed while attending alternative classes.  If a SEARCH student is having difficulty in a subject, the teacher should notify the parent and the SEARCH program.


    It is expected that homework assigned by home school teachers be no more for SEARCH students than for other students.  It is also expected that assignments missed while at SEARCH will not be assigned as homework in addition to or in place of regular homework assignments.  Homework should not be a requirement of SEARCH attendance.