SEARCH Schedule 2016-2017
    Please know that classes
    have to be combined to accommodate 12 classes into 9 time slots. 
    The district's transportation
    department has asked us to schedule as many traveling
    classes into morning time slots
    as possible.
    Monday AM          

    8:45-11:15 am

    AC 3rd
    Monday PM

    12:15 -2:45 pm

    Kelley 3rd/4th
    Tuesday AM
    8:45-11:15 am
    Apple Creek 4th
    Tuesday PM

    12:30-3:06 pm 

    Winding Creek 3rd
    Wednesday AM
     8:45-11:15 am
    Apple Creek 5th
    Wednesday PM
     12:10-12:45   Lunch
         1:10 - 3:06 pm
    Winding Creek 4th
    Thursday AM

    8:45-11:15 am

    Apple Creek 6th
    Thursday PM

    12:30-3:06 pm

    Winding Creek 5th
    Friday AM

    8:35-11:30 am

    Winding Creek/KE 5th & 6th
    Friday PM              

    12:30-3:06 pm

    SEARCH District Meetings