Tardy Policy

  • (Revised 1/16)
    To fully maximize students’ instructional time, Central Junior High will be instituting the following policy beginning January 5, 2016. 

    Central Junior High Tardy Policy


    • Students who are not in their room when the last bell has stopped ringing will be considered tardy.
    • All tardies are counted unless the student has a pass from a staff member.
    • Records of tardies will be kept by each teacher.
    • Two (2) tardies constitute an absence and will be counted as such in conjunction with the attendance policy.
    • Excessive tardies may result in disciplinary action as outlined in this policy.


    The following policy will be enforced:
    1st Tardy:
    Warning and documentation of tardy by teacher
    2nd Tardy:
    Teacher contacts parent/guardian and conducts student conference.
    3rd Tardy:
    Teacher contacts parent/guardian and assigns 1 day of detention or other teacher-assigned discipline.
    4th Tardy:
    Teacher contacts parent/guardian and assigns 2 days of detention or teacher-assigned discipline
    5th Tardy:
    Office referral (Typically, student will be assigned 1 day of In-School-Detention (ISD) and parent/guardian will be contacted)
    6th Tardy:
    Office referral (Typically, student will be assigned 3 days of ISD and parent/guardian will be contacted)
    7th Tardy:
    Office referral (Typically, student will be assigned Out-of-School Suspension and/or the above and parent/guardian will be contacted)

    Additionally, any student who does not report to his/her respective lunch period immediately following the lunch bell may receive disciplinary action in conjunction with this policy.