Mission Statement & Creed

  • Kelley Elementary Mission Statement

    Kelley Elementary staff believes that each of our students deserve the very best we can given them.  We dedicate ourselves to making learning exciting and meaningful to our students' lives.  We believe that each of our students should feel self worth and accomplishment in the learning process.  We pledge to help them make good choices and to teach them skills that will sustain them thorough out their lives.  We develop a relationship with our parents and community that is positive and productive.

    There is no limit to what we can achieve.  We accept the challenges which will make us the the best of the best.


    Kelley Creed

    I am a Kelley Elementary student and the future of America.
    I respect myself, others, my school, my community and the law.

    I have today's successes before me.
    I will work hard to learn all that has been taught.

    I am responsible for my behavior and its results.
    I do not have the right to interfere with the learning and well being of others.

    I have pride in myself and my accomplishments.
    I will set the example for all to follow.

    As a Kelley Elementary student, there is no limit to what I can achieve.
    With the help of my family and teachers, I will set the goals that determine my future.

    I promise to accept the challenge to be a productive citizen,
    a lifelong learner, and a leader of tomorrow.
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