Graduation Criteria

For Parents-Graduation Requirements

Beginning with the graduating class of 2003, in order to receive a high school diploma from Moore Public Schools, the student must successfully complete the following required courses plus eight and one-half units (seventeen semesters) of electives.  Each student who completes the instruction for Algebra I, Biology, English II, and U.S. History beginning with the school year listed below and each year thereafter, shall complete an end-of-instruction test in order to graduate from high school.  The test results must appear on the student's transcript and are reported as Advanced Knowledge, Satisfactory, Limited Knowledge, or Unsatisfactory.  Students are offered the opportunity to retake the tests once prior to graduation.  The higher score shall be recorded on the student's permanent transcript.  The scores from the  End of Instruction tests are placed on the transcript in accordance with Oklahoma State Law and are intended to serve as a permanent record for potential employers and institutions of higher education.  English II and U.S. History - 2000-01; Biology and Algebra I - 2002-03.

Standard Diploma Beginning with the Graduating Class of   2003

4  Units of English

English I – grammar, composition, and literature
English II* – composition and World Literature
English III – composition and American Literature
English IV – composition and English Literature

3 Units of Mathematics

1 unit of Algebra I* or Algebra I taught in contextual methodology, 2 units from course options: Algebra II, Geometry, or Geometry taught in contextual  methodology, Math Analysis, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics  & Probability I and II,  Mathematics of Finance, and options to be provided from State   Department of Education approved coursework with content  and rigor equal to or above Algebra I  OR1 unit of Intermediate Algebra } meets state algebra requirement  (students must have completed Beginning Algebra for elective credit) 1 unit of Fundamentals of Geometry or Geometry, 1 unit of math from course options with content  and rigor equal to or above Algebra I and approved by the State Department of Education

3 units of Science

1 unit of Biology I* or Biology I taught in a contextual methodology AND 2 units of a lab science from State Department of  Education approved coursework which may include but is not limited to the following courses: Chemistry I, Physics, Physical Science, Earth Science, Zoology, Physiology, Astronomy, Applied Physics, Principles of Technology, or other science courses with content over and/or rigor equal to or above Biology I, as recommended by the district and approved by the State Department of Education**

3.5 units of Social Studies

1 unit of World History
1 unit of U.S. History*
1 unit of American Studies (Government)
.5 unit of Oklahoma History

P.E., Athletics, Vocal Music or Instrumental Music

1 unit


8.5 units (completion of 2 units of foreign language is strongly recommended)


23 units 

The Arts

2 setsof competencies (competencies are taught as integrated content in core classes)

*These courses are preparatory for the end-of-instruction tests required by the Oklahoma School Testing Program.

**All science and math offerings have received State Department of Education approval.

  • The Board of Education may establish requirements that exceed state graduation requirements. 

  • Sets of competencies are established in Oklahoma’s core curriculum, the Priority Academic Student Skills.

  • Senior students who have moved from out of state or from another school in Oklahoma and have become legal residents may complete the number of graduation units required from their previous school. 

  • Advanced Placement coursework is available for many upper level courses; these may be substituted on a course by course basis to satisfy the academic units required.

  • To meet graduation requirements, local school district options may include, but shall not be limited to, courses taken by concurrent enrollment, advanced placement, correspondence, district approved Internet Based Instruction courses, or courses bearing different titles.  The district strongly encourages students to complete two units of a foreign language as part of the core curriculum for high school graduation. The district's requirements may exceed state graduation requirements. 

  • A Carnegie Unit of credit is given for the successful completion of a course that meets 40 minutes a day, five days per week, for at least 36 weeks, or the equivalent of 120 clock hours within the school year.  Sets of competencies are the skills and competencies specified in the Priority Academic Student Skills or other skills and competencies adopted by the State Board of Education.  Rigor means a level of difficulty that is appropriate for the grade level and that meets state and national standards.  Contextual methodology means academic content and skills taught by utilizing real-world problems and projects to help students understand the application of knowledge. 

Certificate of Distinction

Students who meet the specified requirements will be recognized as graduates of distinction. Advanced placement classes in the subject areas may be substituted on a course-by-course basis to satisfy the academic units required for a certificate of distinction.

  • 4 units of English

  • 4 units of Mathematics

  • 4 units of Social Studies

  • 4 units of Science

  • 2 units of Foreign Language

  • 2 additional units in the area of Technology, the Humanities, or the Arts

    • Must have a minimum of 3.25 grade point average on a 4.0 scale

    • Achieve a satisfactory (or advanced) score, or its equivalent, on all State end-of-instruction exams.

Requirements for all Graduating Seniors

  1. Forty-six semesters and two sets of competencies in the fine arts are required for graduation.

  2. A student must have a graduation plan that will enable him/her to participate in graduation exercises to be enrolled as a senior. 

  3. Students must have scores from end-of-instruction tests in Algebra I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History on their transcript in order to graduate (see also #1 Graduation Requirements).

  4. Students must have successfully completed 18 semesters of coursework to be enrolled as a junior.

  5. Students must have successfully completed 8 semesters of course work to be enrolled as a sophomore.

I.      Educational Options

    1. Educational options such as correspondence courses, independent study, district approved courses for Internet based instruction, and night school are considered appropriate methods for developing mastery.

    2. Students demonstrating competency in district designated curriculum areas shall receive credit for the appropriate course(s).  Competency in the curriculum areas designated for proficiency testing shall be demonstrated when a student completes an assessment with at least 90% accuracy.

II.     Graduation Criteria

    1. At least 2 units of the last 3 units of coursework shall be completed in attendance in the accredited high school from which the individual expects to receive his/her diploma. Senior students enrolling from out of state may complete the number of graduation units required from their previous school.  

    2. All students, with the exception of fifth year seniors, must enroll in 6 classes per semester, or be concurrently enrolled in college courses under the criteria set by the Oklahoma State Regents.

    3. Students who return for a fifth year because of deficiencies need to enroll only in courses required for graduation.

    4. Credit is given for successful completion of each semester of class work. 

    5. Students who need more than two semesters of coursework for graduation shall not be permitted to participate in graduation exercises.  

III.    Valedictorian and Salutatorian

The valedictorian will be the top ranked student based on the grade point average of seven semesters of the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades, and the first semester of the 12th grade.  The salutatorian will be the 2nd ranked student.  All students with a 4.00 grade point average and above based on these seven semesters will be designated as honor graduates.

 Proficiency-Based Promotion

Upon the request of a student, parent, guardian, or educator, a student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in one or more areas of the core curriculum (mathematics, English, science, social studies, foreign languages, and the arts).  Proficiency will be demonstrated by assessment or evaluation appropriate to the curriculum area, for example, portfolio, criterion-referenced test, thesis, project, product or performance.  Proficiency in all laboratory science courses will require that students be able to perform relevant laboratory techniques.  Students demonstrating proficiency in a core curriculum area will be given credit for their learning and will be given the opportunity to advance to the next level of study in the appropriate curriculum area.  Students who wish to test in order to advance to the next level of study must make application through their counselor.  Proficiency-based testing will be available April 9, 2004 and June 14, 2004.    All applications must be signed by the counselor and building administratorand include a current transcript. For a student to show proficiency they must score a 90% or better on the standardized test provided by the State Department of Education.

Any questions regarding Moore Public Schools graduation policy may be directed to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction at 793-3188. ext. 216.