Campus Portal
Parents, guardians and students in Moore Public Schools, using a Portal account, are able to see course schedules, assignments, grades & attendance from any device with Internet access.  
Campus Portal Login
 Click for log on page
Obtaining an Account 
You must show a photo ID at your child's school to receive an activation code and instructions. 
Mobile App Set Up
Campus Portal is now available on your Smart device. Mobile App Instructions
You will be required to set up account security preferences to continue accessing Campus Portal. Security Preferences Instructions
Forgot your Username/Password?
If you have set up account security preferences follow the instructions on the Campus Portal Log on page.
Go to your child's school, show photo ID, and they can request your information. 
Fill out Campus Portal help desk requesting your account be reset. 
who are not court appointed guardians with documentation on file at the school, will not be able to access their step children's information. Accounts can only be set up for natural parents or legal guardians. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding as we strive to provide instant access while protecting the privacy of all students.
Please Note: The help desk operates during school hours on school days only.