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    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Do I need an instrument on the first day of school?
    No. It will be several days into the school year when an instrument will be needed in class. We will try instruments and make sure your young musician has the best fit for a great year in band! 
    What if my schedule has me in the wrong band class?
    We will get that fixed in the first few days of school. For beginning band, we don't always know what instrument each student will be playing yet. But we will get it taken care of as soon as possible. Follow your printed schedule until you meet in-person with a counselor about it.
    How do I get I flute, clarinet, trumpet, or trombone?
    The local music stores have great rent-to-own plans that are extremely affordable. $25-30 per month is about average. We will have some rental meetings on August 23 and 24. Information will be handed out in class. Please please please do not purchase an off-brand instrument that seems like a "good deal." It is likely not a good deal and will last a very short time before needing repair. Music stores will not repair those instruments and you will end up wishing you had made a different choice.
    What if my kiddo wants to play percussion?
    We interview the students that want to play percussion starting on the second day of school. The director will then contact the 6th grade music teacher for a recommendation. The percussion section will be tentatively chosen within the first week of school. Final assignments will be made after the first progress reports are made. There is no need to purchase any percussion equipment until final assignments are made.
    What if my kiddo wants to play saxophone or french horn?
    Saxophone students start on clarinet and are chosen for saxophone in January. Please rent a clarinet through a music store because the plan includes an option to change instruments without losing money. Please discuss the details with the music store at the time of rental. 
    French horn players start on trumpet and are chosen for horn in January. Horn is a school-owned instrument with a $75/year maintenance fee. This fee includes a school-owned trumpet for the first semester. 
    Class supplies:
    The first week of school - just pencil and paper for beginning band!
    As soon as instrumentation is set then we will post information about further supplies. 
    Instruments you don't have to purchase - Tuba, Baritone, and French Horn (Unless you just want to spend several thousand dollars!) There is a $75/year maintenance fee for these school instruments. It can be paid in installments if needed. Please make checks payable to HEJH Band. If you need financial assistance please contact the band director, we can help!
    The book we use each day in class is called "Traditions of Excellence" and is specific for each instrument. It costs approximately $11 and we use it every day. It can be purchased at several online sites as well as local music stores.
    Tests are usually on Mondays though there will be some variation now and then.
    Makeups are welcome! Just call the band voicemail at 405 735 4591 (state your name clearly and begin playing)
    Students and parents are welcome to sign up for "Remind" message updates but it is not required. Messages are sent 1-2 times per week or less. There is no reply or chat with these accounts.
    To sign up for the Beginner Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh7    to this number:  81010
    To sign up for the Advanced Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh8   to this number:  81010
    More information about the Remind app is available at: