Book needed for the Spring Semester:

    Festival Solos Book 2 for your instrument. The cover is blue and it is written by Bruce Pearson and Mary Elledge. It is about $15. If you need financial assistance please let the director know. About 90% of our spring grades will be from this book. 


    Things I will check for each day:
    Band Book
    Band Binder
    Handwritten Scale page (more info in class) 
    Tests are usually on Mondays though there will be some variation now and then.
    Makeups are welcome! Just call the band voicemail at 405 735 4591 (state your name clearly and begin playing)
    Instruments you don't have to purchase - Tuba, Baritone, French Horn and most Percussion instruments (Unless you just want to spend several thousand dollars!) There is a $75/year maintenance fee for these school instruments. It can be paid in installments if needed. Please make checks payable to HEJH band. If you need financial assistance please contact the band director, we can help!
    Students and parents are welcome to sign up for "Remind" message updates but it is not required. Messages are sent 1-2 times per week or less. There is no reply or chat with these accounts.
    To sign up for the Beginner Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh7    to this number:  81010
    To sign up for the Advanced Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh8   to this number:  81010
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