•  Upcoming Advanced Band events:





    Upcoming 8th grade concert!

    Tuesday, December 4th at the MHS Performing Arts Center

    Enter at Door 4 between 5:50pm and 6:00pm

    Bring instrument with no case, bring music, bring extra reed, bring mouthpiece duh!

    The concert begins at 6:30pm and will be over before 7:30pm.

    Wear a crazy Christmas sweater with long fancy pants that are khaki or black or blue or gray. Not jeans! Skirts of those same colors are fine too. Fancy shoes too! If you do not have a crazy Christmas sweater please wear a fancy shirt of red or green. Solids or prints are fine.

    We perform first followed by Central 8th grade band. You are expected to stay for their portion of the concert. We will sit together during their performance and be respectful audience members….just as they will be for our performance. If your parents need to leave they may…..but you are expected to stay. Please arrange a ride if needed.

    Other things you will need – something that jingles and a Santa/Elf hat. Both of these things can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 each! If you need help with this or if you need help with clothing please see me. I am happy to help if I know in advance!




    Class supplies:
    For every day thereafter - students will need their instrument, Traditions of Excellence book, band binder with plastic sheet protectors, agenda, and instrument care equipment.
    Tuba/Baritone/French Horns will be checked out after school starts. Home horns will be checked out as soon as the maintenance fee of $75 has been paid or arrangements for payment have been made. If you need financial assistance, please see me! I can work with you!
    Tests are usually on Mondays though there will be some variation now and then.
    Makeups are welcome! Just call the band voicemail at 405 735 4591 (state your name clearly and begin playing)
    Instruments you don't have to purchase - Tuba, Baritone, French Horn and most Percussion instruments (Unless you just want to spend several thousand dollars!) There is a $75/year maintenance fee for these school instruments. It can be paid in installments if needed. Please make checks payable to HEJH band. If you need financial assistance please contact the band director, we can help!
    Students and parents are welcome to sign up for "Remind" message updates but it is not required. Messages are sent 1-2 times per week or less. There is no reply or chat with these accounts.
    To sign up for the Beginner Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh7    to this number:  81010
    To sign up for the Advanced Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh8   to this number:  81010
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