Falcon Landing

  • What is the Falcon Landing?
    The Falcon Landing is an before and after school care program that allows children to stay at school. This convenient program is affordable and offers premium care for children in K-6. Snacks will be provided after school. Some of the activities include going outdoors, the computer lab, the gymnasium, and homework in the cafetorium. The Falcon Landing maintains a fully-trained staff who will provide a safe, caring environment for all children. We will be limiting the enrollment to an appropriate teacher/student ratio.
    Morning Care is 7:00 am -8:45 am; 
    the weekly cost is $43.75 per week 
    After Care is 3:51 pm - 6:00 pm; 
    the weekly cost is $50.00 per week.
    Morning and After weekly cost is $87.00 per week 
    Monday through Friday (school days only).
    Print your Falcon Landing Enrollment Form  here.
             To see the Falcon Landing Brochure click.

    *Enrollment Fee - $30.00 per year for first child
    $15.00 for each additional child.*

    For more information contact the Fisher office at 735-4180 or Kerri Groves.