• Current Driver Postings

    **Current as of 08/14/2017** 
    It is required by law in the State of Oklahoma that in order to drive a school bus an applicant must obtain a valid State of Oklahoma class B CDL license and take the appropriate test for obtaining the passenger (P), the school bus (S), and the air brake (L) endorsements.
    It is highly recommended by the Transportation Departments training staff that applicants request these tests to be taken at the same time they present themselves ready to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the written portion of their testing to obtain the permit neccessary to begin drivers training.
    *For more information on how to obtain your CDL License please visit How to obtain your CDL.To schedule your drivers training once you have obtained your permit. Please, call 405-735-4070.*
    (These are actual routes not yet assigned and are open for a permanent driver. New applicants must first be selected for employment, received any or all training necessary and obtained a valid State issued Class "B" CDL. The positions listed below with an route number assigned are awarded based on seniority only.)

    (To view current postings please click the following link.)
    (The positions below are are current openings and are awarded first come first serve depending on your acceptance of the position and begin work.)
    Posting: 18-07TR - 6 hr
    Posting: 18-08TR - 6 hr
    Posting: 18-09TR - 6 hr
    Posting: 18-10TR - 6 hr 
     Posting: 18-11TR - 6 hr
    Posting: 18-21TR - 6 hr
    Posting: 18-22TR - 6 hr
    Posting: 18-23TR - 6 hr 
    (Cat. C shown above is in reference to pay scale.)
    **For a list of job duties, requirements and expectations will be discussed with applicants during interview process with the Director of Transportation. 
    For a printable version, If one is not presented to you during interview, please ask the Director for for a copy of the job description.**