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Application Process

The application process begins with the home school counselor. They will have the student and parent sign an application which will be forwarded to VISTA. 

An intake and screening process determine the eligibility of students as required by state law. The student, parent, school administrator, counselor, and teachers participate in the intake and screening process. The intake process involves both the student and parent identifying behaviors that are keeping the student from being successful in regular school. These behaviors can range from excessive absences, academic deficiencies, physical or mental health issues, behavioral difficulties, family issues, and substance abuse.  

It is important to apply early because often there is a waiting list. 

The VISTA Academy High School and Junior High Program is designed to serve students who are at greatest risk for not promoting to high school or graduating for reasons other than a disability or who have already dropped out of school. The program does not typically take students on an IEP or 504. VISTA Academy is not a punitive or discipline program. It is a school of choice. The program serves the three high schools and six junior highs in the district and is a full-day program.  

VISTA Academy is voluntary and the student and parent sign agreements to actively participate in the requirements of the school. Students can be returned to their home school for failure to follow the student and parent agreements.