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Parent Teacher Conference Online Sign Up

You can now sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences Online! It is Fast and Easy! Simply click on the link and complete the information!
Click on the link to schedule your conference time. You must provide your email address!
After clicking on the link above, select the teacher(s) you would like to have conference(s) with. (If you select upper grades 4th-6th, you will conference with all teachers at one time.)
Provide your child's name and your email address.
You will receive an email immediately ( email will read from Do Not Reply from Plaza Towers Elementary School via
Click on the link in the email to reserve your conference times. (You must complete this step in order to reserve an appointment.)
After selecting your time, scroll to the bottom of the page and click confirm selections. The teacher will automatically be emailed that your appointment has been made and you will receive a reminder email about the conference. If for some reason you need to cancel, please email your child's teacher.
If you have multiple children, select the teacher you wish to meet with. You will be prompted to provide the name for each child. If you child's teacher is not listed that means they are scheduling their own conferences.