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    Moore Public Schools has five junior high schools, grades seven and eight. Approximately 4,700 students are enrolled in junior high.  District maps for the schools can be found here.
    Our junior high schools provide a challenging and caring school climate that seeks to develop strong academic foundations, discover special interests, and provide activities for personal and social growth.

    Moore's junior high school curriculum bridges the gap between elementary and high school focusing on basic skills, decision-making, critical thinking and exploration of elective subjects. It allows students to learn to organize their world and make progress toward personal independence.

    Listed below are our junior highs and their principals and links to their school sites.

    Junior High SchoolPrincipalTelephone
    Brink Jr. High School
    11420 S. Western
    Oklahoma City, OK 73170
    Joseph Ross
    Central Jr. High School
    400 N. Broadway
    Moore, OK 73160
    Tammy Baker405-735-4560
    Highland East Jr. High School
    1200 S.E. 4
    Moore, OK 73160
    Mark Archer405-735-4580
    Highland West Jr. High School
    901 N. Santa Fe
    Moore, OK 73160
    Dan Schwarz405-735-4600
    Moore West Jr. High School
    9400 S. Pennsylvania
    Oklahoma City, OK 73170
    Jeni Dutton405-735-4620
    Southridge Jr. High School
    14141 S. Pennsylvania
    Oklahoma City, OK 73170
    Melanie Smith 405-735-4680

Last Modified on August 12, 2017