MPS Organization Disclaimer

    1500 SE 4th Street, Moore, OK 73160 (405) 735-4200 Office of Assistant Superintendent
    Secondary Education and Curriculum
    Students at Highland West Junior High School have organized the following student organizations for the 2018-19 school year. This notification letter provides a listing of student organizations to parents/guardians and serves to inform you of the particular student organizations that have formed this year. These student organizations may also be found on the schools' website. Please be aware that parents/guardians may prohibit their student's participation in a particular student organization.
    Parents/guardians shall be responsible for preventing their student from participating in a club or organization in which permission is withheld.
    Parents/guardians shall also be responsible for retrieving their student from attendance at a club or organization in which permission is withheld.
    A club or organizations is not prohibited from a meeting if a student who is not authorized to be in the club or organization is present at a meeting.
    Student organizations will be listed once they are Board approved.