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    Moore High School Prom - April 29, 2023

    Theme: Masquerade - “A Night in Disguise”

    Date:  April 29, 2023

    Time:  8pm-12am

    Place:  Embassy Suites Hotel, Norman


    MHS Prom 2023 Dress Code 

    Proper formal attire is required.Those inappropriately dressed will not be admitted into the prom.  The dress code will be enforced. This is not a Costume Ball.  Any clothing deemed faddish or extreme will result in non-admittance to the prom.

    • Masks - it is imperative that your masks be removable and do not cover your whole face. Any mask not meeting these requirements will be confiscated.


    • Clear Bag Policy - bag must be clear to take it into the venue. Anyone who brings a bag not meeting this requirement will be asked to leave it in their vehicle for the night.

    • Dresses

      • Dresses may not be cut below the bust line; bust continues around your sides, directly under the armpit. 

      • No deep-plunging necklines ~ no necklines below the front-top of natural bra coverage.

      • Dresses may be backless as long as they are not cut below the navel.

      • Dresses may not have a slit that exceeds mid-thigh.  

      • If a dress does not meet dress code without an additional fabric insert, the insert must be sewn into the dress.  No pinning will be permitted as an alteration for a dress that does not meet dress code.

      • No cover-ups (jackets, shawls, sweaters) will be allowed over dresses that do not meet dress code.

      • Undergarments should not be visible.

      • Rompers do not meet dress code.


    • Suits

      • Tuxedos and dress suits only.

      • No jeans permitted.

      • Must wear a tie.

      • Shirts must have a collar and be worn at all times during the prom.

      • Hats and canes must be checked in the coat room.



    MHS Prom 2023 Ticket Sales Calendar

    *Click on the link above for days, times, and location of ticket sales. 

    Information on Ticket Sales: 

    $40 first week, $45 second week, $50 third week

    1. Bring exact change please. It is a much smoother process if we do not have to make change for everyone. 



    4. Only MHS Juniors and Seniors may purchase a maximum of 2 tickets. Any student buying 2 tickets must give the name of the person they plan to attend with (even if that person attends Moore High School). If after the tickets are purchased the purchaser decides to change who they are attending with, a change of date form must be turned in. Any person who buys 2 tickets must be present to check in at prom with those tickets and the guest.

    5. Tickets are not transferable (meaning a person cannot sell a ticket to another person).  Each ticket is numbered and assigned to the person who bought it. NO REFUNDS on Prom Tickets.

    6. FRESHMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND PROM. MHS Sophomores may only attend prom as a guest of a Junior or Senior.  A Moore High School student does not require a guest form to attend the Prom.

    7. Students who want to bring a guest from outside Moore High School will need to turn in a guest form and have it approved before a ticket may be purchased for the guest. Guest forms are due Wednesday March 30th. They can be picked up outside of Room 730 or can be printed from the link below. They are to be returned to Grade Offices. Only people meeting the following criteria will be considered for entrance into the MHS Prom:                                               

    • Is currently enrolled at another High School  OR  Graduated from high school in 2021. 

    • Is not older than 20 years of age.


    GUEST FORMS will be available on February 21st outside Mrs. Lohn’s Room (730) or linked below. 

    Guest Form - attend another high school  

    OR  Guest Form - graduated from high school in 2022


    Entry to Prom

    All persons attending Prom must bring a valid picture ID to check in. (ID does not have to be a school ID to check in at prom - can be a drivers license or other photo ID).

    Any person who smells of alcohol or who appears to be under the influence of an illegal substance will be turned over to the on-duty Security Officers and school administrators.  Smoking is prohibited for everyone in attendance regardless of age or school affiliation.


    ***The Moore High School Administration reserves the right to restrict any person who does not attend Moore High School entrance to the Prom for any cause. If you have a question about the Guest Policy see Mrs. Stark or Mr. Kent. ** For all other questions about Prom, see Mrs. Lohn in Room 730 or Mrs. McKinney in Room 739.