• La Société honoraire de français
    The Westmoore High School Chapter of the
    Société honoraire de français and French  Club.
    The activities of the chapter are open to all students enrolled in French or who have an interest in French culture. 
     Any student at Westmoore can join French Club! The cost is $5 for the year. You can pay through MyPayments Plus.  We also have a T Shirt for sale for $15 on MyPaymentsPlus 
    Membership in the Société honoraire de français is limited to students who have completed four semesters of French studies and who meet other criteria outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws. Students who wish to wear the cord of the Société honoraire de français at graduation must meet additional requirements. Students who are not enrolled in French and/or do not meet the four semesters of French studies requirment, may join French Club, but will not be eligible to wear the club's cord at graduation. Students who have met club requirements, but have not earned the four semesters of French studies, will be able to wear the French Club cord at graduation.
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