Gifted Education Overview

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    Moore Public Schools Gifted Education Program strives to provide appropriate educational experiences  and learning environments for children of exceptional academic ability in order to promote the intellectual growth of each individual to his/her fullest potential. 

    Summary of the Gifted Education Program:
    The gifted education program in Moore includes elementary students identified through a varitey of measurement methods, junior high pre-AP students, and high school pre-AP and AP students. 

    Third through sixth grade gifted students are served through differentiated instruction within the regular classroom as well as opportunities outside of the traditional school setting (Saturday Academies,immersive field trips, and Summer Camps.) 

    The purpose of the secondary gifted education program is to provide educational opportunities modified in pace, depth, and breadth in individual subject areas. Honors and Advanced Placement classes are offered in language, math, social studies, science, computers, and the arts. Most of the Honors classes have been aligned with the College Board curriculum taught and tested in the Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  A wide variety of Advanced Placement classes are offered.  Check the course offerings at each high school for specific courses. 

    The Cognitive Abilities Test is administered to all 2nd grade  students in the district. This test and the state OCCT results are the basis for most recommendations into the  gifted program. In addition to test scores, teacher and parent recommendations are considered. Parents may  request placement in the pre-AP and AP classes. The placement guidelines reflect the Advanced Placement philosophy that Advanced Placement should be available to all students who want to achieve at a high level and are willing to accept the challenge.

    Gifted Education Plan: In Oklahoma, each school district creates a Gifted Education Plan which is submitted to the Oklahoma Department of Education. A copy of the MPS Gifted Education Plan can be viewed by clicking here.
    Gifted Education records: All Gifted Education records are confidential and are kept in the Gifted Education Office. Parents of students who move out of district must submit a request for records to the Gifted Education Office, Moore Public Schools, 1500 S. E. 4th Street, Moore, OK 73160.
    Gifted Education Law:  Oklahoma State School Law regarding gifted education can be viewed and downloaded here:  Program regulations may be viewed and downloaded at:
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