• Our Kingsgate PTA
    Kingsgate's Parent Teacher Association is involved with the school in many different areas.  The PTA is in charge of every aspect of the fundraiser.  The profits from the fundraiser go toward a budget that is voted on at the first unit meeting of the year.  A few of the programs funded by the budget areRed Ribbon Week, the Reflections Program, Accelerated Reader, and Arts Month. 

    Parents pop popcorn and dole out treats on goody days.  Many parents are involved with the Site Improvement committee and are working hard to landscape the school grounds.  Kingsgate is a school to be proud of. There are many people dedicated to keeping it that way.  Kingsgate's PTA strives to make the students' time at school a great experience.  The PTA is dedicated to helping our children succeed in every way possible. 

    If you have questions about the PTA or need information, please click on the President's name to send an email.
    Kingsgate PTA Executive Board
    President - Brittney Croffs
    Vice President of Fundraising - 
    Vice President of Membership - 
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