Tentative Assignment Schedule for Kindergarten 
    Our schedule may change due to unexpected school events or delays in the classroom.

    Make sure you review letters/sounds through out the week.  Practice naming things that begin with each letter.  Work on numbers 0-20 (in and out of order).

    Don't forget to help your child find pictures from magazines that begin with the letter of the week for our letter collage.  These are due on Wednesday.

    Review sight words: I, can, we, the, like, a, see, go, to, have, red, blue, yellow, orange, zero, one, two, three, is, play, are, for, you, this, do, what, little, said, green, black, pink, purple, four, five, six, seven, here, was, she, he, has, look, with, my, me, where, white, brown, eight, nine, ten, come.
    Don't forget to place your child's library book in their backpack!  We go to the library on Thursdays!!
    If a sight word page came home today make sure you read over that page with your child, sign it and return it tomorrow for a ticket!
    Look through Thurday folder, do homework and read little readers (complete the homework connection for an extra ticket).  Please sign your child's folder and place in backpack.
    Library/Computer Lab every other Thursday (please make sure your child has headphones for the computer lab)

     Have a great weekend!
    Have your child illustrate a picture and write a sentence about the picture.  Make sure the sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark.