Tentative Assignment Schedule for
    Our schedule may change due to unexpected school events or delays in the classroom.

      Review all letters and sounds throughout the week.  Practice naming things that begin with each letter.  Say a word and have your child break down the sounds in that word.  Keep a journal and have your child draw a picture and write about his/her day, or their favorite thing over the weekend.  Bring his/her attention to to starting sentences with a capital letter and ending with a period. Work on numbers 0-20 (in and out of order). If you have access to a computer practice on starfall.com

    Let your child pick out sight words as you are reading them the story. Don't forget to help your child find pictures from magazines that begin with the letter of the week for our letter collage.  These are due on Wednesday. 

    Review sight words:  I,can,we,the,like,a,see,go,to,have,red,blue,yellow,orange,zero,one,two,three,is,play

    Look through Thursday folder, complete homework, and read paper reader (do homework connection at end of book, sign and receive extra ticket).  Please sign the Thursday folder and place in backpack.


    Have a very nice weekend!!! Read to your child and have them read to you! :)