• What is Title 1?

    What is Title 1?
    Title 1 is a federally funded program which allows students, who are experiencing academic difficulty to receive extra help and individual attention during the school day with no cost to the parent(s)/guardian(s).
    How are students identified for Title 1 eligibility?
    All students within the school are given multiple assessments.  These test results then determine which students require additional support.
    When will my child attend Title 1 class?
    Students who qualify will attend Title 1 during the regular school day.  Students will be pulled from class during non-instructional time or the Title 1 staff will work with the students during class time in small groups.
    How are teaching priorities set within the Title 1 program?
    Each building has a site-based planning committee.  This committee is made up of parents, teachers, administrator(s), and Title 1 staff members.  After reviewing test scores for the building and survey feedback from teachers, parents, and students; this committee decided which academic areas are in the most need of improvement.  The site-based committee at Winding Creek has determined READING/LANGUAGE ARTS, MATH, and TECHNOLOGY to be the academic areas of greatest need.
    How does Title 1 work with the regular school program?
    Title 1 teachers work very closely with the regular classroom teachers.  Conferences between these teachers are held to insure that the classroom teaching is being assisted and complemented.  Students needs and progress are discussed in order that academic goals for each child may be met.