What can you do to help your child become a better reader?

    You can help your child to become a better reader by following these simple suggestions:


    1.  Surround your child with books and opportunities to read!

    2.  Require your child to read silently , or with you for at least 15 minutes every evening.

    3.  Read a story to beginning readers each day.

    4.  Discuss books that you are reading and ask your child to tell you about books he or she is reading.

    5.  Take family trips to books stores and the library.

    6.  Provide your child with different types of text (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.).

    7.  Read for your own pleasure in front of your child.

    8.  Make reading fun!  You could cook a recipe or play a board game.  These all require you to read...


    Reading is fun and the love of reading is contagious!