History of Brink

  • Brink's History

    Brink opened in September of 1979. Mary Robinson was the first principal. We began with only 7th grade and had only about 19 teachers and two of those were part time. There were about 300 students. These students were to spend two years at Brink. Rob Coffey was the first Student Council President. We housed one fifth grade class and one sixth grade class as well.  Mrs. Brink

    The Brink family sold part of their farm for a nominal fee. The Brink family home sat for a while on the southwest corner of the property near Western. Several members of the Brink family have attended Brink Junior High over the years. Shortly after the school was finished, Mrs. Brink visited the school that was named after her family. Her photograph is displayed here and in the main office of Brink Junior High School.
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