Mrs. Chaney’s Re-do Policy:

    Note that all students can re-do some assignments and tests for full credit within a designated time frame for the assignment was issued. I want all students to be able to learn from the mistakes they have made on assignments and assessments.  All redoing of work will be done during the designated time with me on paper as a type of tutoring.    The assignments/quizzes that I select as open for redoing will be the more challenging assignments that have the most value to increase reading skills.

     Mrs. Chaney's Rules for Re-Do:

    1. *Always check portal for redo eligibility next to the title.  If there is not a date to redo by, it is not eligible for redo.
      1. Please do not email me regarding redoing work. 
    2. Weds. at 7:20 a.m. and 2:20-2:35 p.m. is the designated redo time.  There is no sign-up.  Just come on in to work on eligible assignments/tests with me.  Redo work is an opportunity for any needed tutoring as well as grade increasing.
    3. Students will come in knowing what they are going to redo after checking portal. (If there is not a “redo date,” It is not open for redo).
    4. Students will come in with a piece of paper with their name, hour, date and the title of the eligible redo assignment/test.
    5. Extended items such as book quizzes or simple memorization items such as vocabulary quizzes etc. are not open for redo.                                                                                                                                                                                          
    6. **If you come in not knowing what you need to redo, you will not be able to stay.  

    ***This is very important.  With sometimes over 30 children at a time coming in to redo, I do not have time to stop helping prepared students to figure out what 1 student might need to be redoing.)