Mrs. Chaney’s Re-do Policy:


    Note that all students can re-do some assignments and assessments for full credit with in a designated window of time that the assignment was issued. I want all students to be able to learn from the mistakes they have made on assignments and assessments.  This policy is designed for the student's grades to show what they have learned after those mistakes have been corrected rather than having their grades reflect the mistakes that were made on first time practice.

     Mrs. Chaney's Rules for Re-Do:

    1. *Always check portal for redo eligibility next to the title.  If there is not a date to redo by, it is not eligible for redo.
    2. Weds. at 7:20 a.m. and 2:20- 2:35 p.m. is designated redo time. 
    3. There is no sign-up.  Just come on in to work on eligible assignments/assessments with me.  Redo work is an opportunity for any needed tutoring as well as grade increasing.
    4. Students will come in knowing what they are going to redo.  Keep graded papers, and/or check portal before coming in to redo and have a list of eligible work (work assigned within a week), (on portal I put a “redo by” date if that item is open to redo; If there is not a “redo date,” It is not open for redo).
    5. Extended items such as book quizzes or simple memorization items such as vocabulary quizzes etc. are not open for redo.                                                                                                                                                                                               

    **If you come in not knowing what you need to redo, you will not be able to stay.  

    ***This is very important.  With sometimes over 30 children at a time coming in to redo, I do not have time to stop helping prepared students to figure out what 1 student might need to be redoing.)


    ***These rules are posted by the turn in tray for all students.