• Grade Configuration

    Grades for my classes are weighted grades. All reading classes have the same weighted grade scale.  This means that some grades count more towards the overall grade than others.    Therefore, you cannot take the list of itemized grades on a progress report and simply average them. 


    Daily Assignments: 40% .  This section includes Daily Literature, Vocabulary, Bell Work Assignments etc.  

    Tests, Quizzes, Projects:  50%.  This section includes Book Tests/Quizzes, Book Projects, Book Reports, Weekly Assessment/Quizzes.
    Semester Test:  10%.  This is the final test of the semester which is cumulative.  
    Parent Info:  0% This section simply is an area where I can denote papers that were to be returned signed by parents or for information I want to share with parents and students; It does not affect their grade in any way.

    Note: Some Daily Work and Some Formal Assessments can be redone by any student up to a week past the original due date for full credit.  I want all students to have the opportunity to learn from mistakes and let their grade show what they know vs. how fast they learned it.  *** This only counts for work turned in on time.  It does not negate the late work policy of the school.

    Extra credit is only given on a class basis, not an individual basis. Extra credit is not in place of regular assignments.