Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom unless permission is granted for a specific classroom exercise.  Please wait for permission before using your cell phone.

    Fidget spinners and toys are not allowed.   

    No food items or drinks are allowed in the classroom or in the halls.

    Students must carry a book to read when finished with their work. Participation points will be given for bringing a book to class and reading when work is finished. 

    Drills: Students will receive 2 detentions for acting inappropriately during fire, severe weather, and lock down drills.  Each student is  responsible for listening and following my directions or my paraprofessional's directions.  During fire and severe weather drills, students must stay with the class (behind me), whisper only, and not distract others. During lockdown drills, students are not allowed to make any noise (no whispering) and must remain still until the all clear.

    Students are allowed one hall pass per week.  Additional hall passes may be earned for exceptional behavior, outstanding work, etc. 

    Students must bring to class and fill out their agendas (datebook where assignments are noted).  Agendas can be purchased during the first couple of weeks of school in the library.

    Each day, students must bring the following items to class: 1) homework assignment, 2) agenda, 3) composition notebook or 3 ring binder with notebook paper, 4) tool kit, and 5) a book to read.

    Assignments and quizzes/tests are listed on my website calendar.  Click on individual day for detailed information.  I also post assignment copies on my website and update on a weekly basis.    

    Need points?  I love to give extra credit!  Extra credit will be vocabulary based and posted on my calendar (with details) and distributed during class.  Be sure to keep an eye on your child's agenda and the class calendar for such opportunities.

    If a student scores below 70% on an assignment or essay, he/she may redo or correct for additional points within 3 days of posting. Corrections must be made using a different colored pen or rewritten on a separate sheet of paper.   Although I do not allow students to redo quizzes or tests, there are many opportunities to complete extra credit.        

    Grade categories: Daily/Homework 40%, Tests (includes quizzes) 50%, Final/Semester Grade 10%.

    Late work: Students have 3 days to turn in a missing assignment.  20% will be deducted for each day late.

    Make-up work: Students must ask me or my paraprofessional for make-up work upon return.  Students are given the same amount of days to finish as absent.

    Parent and Student Portal: It is your responsibility to check grades.  Grades may be checked at school using a library computer.  Please check grades once or twice a week. 

    Grades are given during the week for participation and completion of daily work.  On Friday, students are quizzed over the week’s concepts and lessons.  Tests are given at the end of a unit.  Semester tests are given at the end of the first semester and at the end of the year.   

    Detention/Discipline: If a student breaks a rule, I will give a direct warning and detail the problem at hand.  If the behavior is not corrected immediately, the student will receive a detention.  Multiple detention days may be assigned depending on behavior.  I will notify the parent/guardian of the pending detention to be served.

    Students may be referred to the principal for arguing with teacher/paraprofessional, bullying, skipping detention, destroying school property, using inappropriate language, intimidating another student, recording with cell phone, taking pictures with cell phone, refusing to work, and any other behavior that is considered severe by teacher/paraprofessional. 

    I send texts and emails (reminders, warnings, classroom information, etc.) through parent portal several times a month.  Please make sure your contact information is correct in the office.  Also, if you do not want to receive texts or emails, please let me know ASAP.  I want to keep you informed, not be a nuisance. 😊

     My email: gailclark@mooreschools.com

    Although I do not require additional supplies for the classroom, I still have a wish list.  If you would like to provide any of the following items, I would be most grateful. These items include tissue, notecards, disinfectant wipes, crayons, notebook paper, pencils, markers (any kind), and red pens.