Extra Credit Opportunity 
    No extra credit is available after December 13th for Fall semester.
    Extra Credit is offered by chapters and will be listed below.   You are allowed up to 5% of total points for extra credit.  I suggest you consider this opportunity as a chance to earn the grade you desire.  All extra credit is due by the chapter test.  You may turn in extra credit anytime during the study of a certain chapter.  The amount of extra credit earned is graded by effort. Most extra credit is 5 points.  You may only turn in one extra credit a day.
    Black History activity:
    Poem by Langston Hughes: 
    The mother says to her son that life has not been a “crystal stair” – it has had tacks and splinters and torn boards on it, as well as places without carpet. The stair is bare. However, she still climbs on, reaching landings, turning corners, and persevering in the dark when there is no light. She commands him, “So boy, don’t you turn back.” She instructs him not to go back down the stairs even if he thinks climbing is hard. He should try not to fall because his mother is still going, still climbing, and her life “ain’t been no crystal stair.”
    • Write what you think Langston Hughes is saying about life.


    Chapter  14 extra credit:  This is the last chance for extra credit until May!

    1.  essay competition:Amendment 19 essay: Voting!

    2.  Write an essay on "How did the nation try try but fail to deal with growing sectional differences?"

    3.  Write a paragraph over "Why didn't the North and South find a way to settle their differences?"

    4.  Reading Primary Sources page 484.

    5.  Draw a political cartoon over the Compromise of 1850.

    6.  Page 488:  Uncle Tom's Cabin critical thinking.

    7.  Create a political cartoon over "Bleeding Kansas".

    8.  Page 489:  Map Master

    9.  Page 493:  Analyze Literature

    10.  Draw a campaign poster for Abraham Lincoln in the election of 1860.

    11.  Write a letter to a friend about watching Ft Sumpter being bombed and tell them how you feel about the incoming war between the states.  Take a point of view from your choice.



    Protesting is our rights
    Protesting is a right guaranteed by our Bill of Rights as long as it does no harm to others.