• L =  Lesson/Topic up for discussion/review that day.
    A = Paperwork assigned,  readings assigned, etc.,  
    D =  Assignments that are due on that specific date.
    T =  Testing date established for topic listed.
    H.O. = Handout distributed 
    Note:  Information is logged UNDER the date it pertains too.
    *Please refer to the page labeled "Major Assignments Outlined" for detailed instructions on some high value assignments.  Additional information MAY be placed on that page to assist the student/parent with understanding a particular assignment. This page MAY NOT be active if no major project has been assigned.
    It is very important to understand that expectations are set in the classroom during instruction time.  This page is not at all intended to replace that time or detailed instructions shared during class.  This page is a guide for the student / parent on the daily course activities and assignments issued, along with due dates and testing dates.   Attending class should be the first priority of any student to receive proper instructions for a lesson, assignment, etc..

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    March 13, 2020  Friday
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    March 12, 2020  Thursday 
    L:  Extra Credit Opportunity (skits) / Portfolio updates & check 
        Presentations (open day to present)
    D:  Civics Handbook questions (20 questions from textbook)
    March 11, 2020  Wednesday
    L:  Civics handbook questions (20 questions)
         Presentations (open day to present)
    D:  Presidential Political cartoons 
    March 10, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  Political Cartoon of choice over Presidents Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore
    D:  Presentations (open day to present)
    T:  Quiz Chapter 9 Section 4  (open notes)
    March 9, 2020  Monday
    L:  Portfolio Updates / Map work of Louisiana Territory Purchase
    D:  Chapter 9.4 Two Column notes
    March 6, 2020  Friday 
    L:  Collage feedback / Presentations due / Portfolio Updates 
    D:  Presentations  (Open day to present)  
    March 5, 2020  Thursday 
    L:  Guided Reading 9.3 
    D:  Vocabulary foldable Chapter 9 (extra credit op built in to assignment) 
    March 4, 2020  Wednesday
    L:  Vocabulary foldable Chapter 9 (word, definition, sentence) 
    March 3, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  Lewis and Clark Expedition video   
        *Last Call for missing assignments to date  
    March 2, 2020  Monday
    L:  Chapter 9.1 and 9.2 Guided Reading
    D:  Newspaper simulation
    February 28, 2020  Friday
    L:  Workday for Newspaper simulation
         Portfolio check
    February 27, 2020  Thursday
    L:  Simulated Newspaper discussed/expectations set Chapter 9 is focus
         Post review of US Constitution test 
    February 26, 2020  Wednesday
    T:  U.S. Constitution Part 2  (open notes)
    February 25, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  Portfolio Updates / U.S. Constitution review / Political Cartoon refresher
    February 24, 2020  Monday 
    L:  Guided Readings 8.3 and 8.4  (due class end)
    February 21, 2020  Friday
    L:  Prep for Part 2 of US Constitution test
    February 20, 2020  Thursday 
    D:  GRA 8.2  (Group rotations if desired by student)
    February 19, 2020  Wednesday
    L:  Guided Reading 8.2 (Due Thursday) 
    A:  Guided Reading 8.2
    D:  GRA 8.1 
    February 18, 2020  Tuesday 
    L:  Guided Reading 8.1  (Due Wednesday)
    D:  U.S. Constitution collage
    February 14, 2020  Friday
    T:  U.S. Constitution  (open notes/limited cheat sheet))
    February 13, 2020  Thursday
    L:  Classtime to organze Constitution project / Prep time for U.S. Constitution test
         Divisions of the Constitution (lesson 20 extra credit op by group)
    D:  Journal Entry 
    February 12, 2020  Wednesday
    L:  Presidents test feedback / Journal entry (U.S. Constitution) 
    February 11, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  Mathematics in the Constitution / Map test feedback / Examples discussed, modeled for Constitution project
    February 10, 2020  Monday
    L:  Note prep for U.S. Constitution Test
    T:  Make up day for any test that are missing from Friday
    February 7, 2020  Friday 
    *T:  Assignments and/or lessons moved from snow day outages 
    February 6, 2020  Thursday
    T:  U.S.  Presidents 1-9 and First Ladies 1-9
    February 5, 2020  Wednesday
    L:  Test prep on cheat sheet / notes
    February 4, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  US Constituion collage poster project discussed 
    February 3, 2020  Monday
    L:  Corrections to all of U.S. Constitution section of notebook
        Presidents test prep (class time to develop notes for test) 
    January 31, 2020  Friday
    L:  Last call Constitution work pages / President test prep
    D:  Constitution Workbook pages 57, 59, 61, 63
    January 30, 2020  Thursday 
    L:  US Constitution Discussion Q and A
    T:  US States and Captials  misc Map locations
    D:  Constitution Workbook pages 49, 51, 53, 55 
    January 29, 2020  Wednesday
    D:  Constitution Workbook pages 41, 43, 45, 47 
    January 28, 2020  Tuesday
    D: Constitution Workbook pages 33, 35, 37, 39
    January 27, 2020  Monday
    D: Constitution Workbook pages 27, 31 
    January 24, 2020  Friday
    L:  U.S. constitution worksheet corrections / Wrap up of missing work past due
         Portfolio review 
    January 23, 2020  Thursday
    L:  US Constitution workbook pgs 21-27 
    January 22, 2020  Wednesday
    L:  US Constitution workbook pgs 13-19 
    January 21, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  Portfolio Organization / Feedback for US Constitution workbook pages 2-11
         Public Art display wrap-up
    January 20, 2020  Monday   MLK Day  No School
    January 17, 2020  Friday
    L:  Public art example of the U.S. Constitution
    D:  U.S. Constitution worksheet #25  (Last Call for all missing worksheets)
    January 16, 2020  Thursday
    L:  US Constitution worksheet #25
    D:  U.S. Constution worksheet  (class day to complete)
    January 15, 2020  Wednesday
    L:  U.S. Constitution worksheets 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 distributed 
    January 14, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  Practice map US States and Capitals / Presidents Jackson and Van Buren outlined
         First Ladies Jackson and Van Buren / Quiz states and capitals 
    D:  U.S. Constitution worksheets 2 - 11 last call
    January 13, 2020  Monday
    L:  U.S. Constituion worksheets 6, 8 and 11
    D:  U.S. Constitution worksheets 2 and 4 
    January 10, 2020  Friday
     *Important note:  We are starting the unit on the U.S. Constitution.  To assist the students 
          on breaking this material down to a simply form for understanding for their age group I 
          will be using a series of worksheets that breaks the material down for a basic understanding.
          Please do not come to believe from reading this page that it is simply a worksheet process. 
          There are activities and discussions in the classroom daily on this.
    L:  Quiz / U.S. Constitution worksheet 2 and 4 (due class end)
    D:  The Constitutional Convention two-column notes
    T:  Quiz from two-column notes over Constitutional Convention / Articles and Ordinances 
    January 9, 2020  Thursday
    L:  Two-column notes work day (notes are due Friday for a grade) 
    January 8, 2020  Wednesday 
    L:  Re-Established expectations for two-column notes structure / Liberty Kids video (We The People)
    D:  Political Cartoon analysis( Dec 15 to current day)
    January 7, 2020  Tuesday
    L:  Articiles of Confederation positves and negatives / Land Ordinace of 1785 / Northwest Ordinance of 1787
         (prep notes for this material) 
    January 6, 2020  Monday
    L:  Political Party & Political Ideolgy Re-cap / Political Cartoon Re-cap
    A:  Self charting of Political ideolgy due Tuesday
         Political Cartoon Analysis from Dec 15, 2019 to present day due Wednesday
         Key People Presentations for semester due by April 10, 2020
               Expectations and guidelines detailed during class - See Instructor for additional information as needed