Supply List 
    I've tried to minimize my request for donated items since I know you have several teachers that may be requesting supplies.  

    * PLEASE note if labeled "Community" use or "Personal" use.  This may determine the quality and/or quantity of the items you purchase. 
    Community Use.  This is an item used in the classroom as needed throughout the year by all students.  Example:  Hand sanitizer, sanitized wet wipes.
    Personal Use:  Intended only for that student that is making the purchase.  The student will keep this item with them.
    • Standard note book paper.  Ruling makes no difference.  (Personal use)
    • Multiple color highliters.  (Personal use)
    • Pens and pencils.  Pens - Black or blue ink.  Pencils - #2 lead  or mechancial type.  (Personal use)
    • Mapping Pencils.  Standard/Basic colors.  Example:  Red, blue, green......(Personal use)
     *Optional Donations to the clasroom
    • Disinfectant wipes.  Two (2) containers  (community use)
    • Tissue.  Two boxes (community use)