• To access your textbook online please follow these instructions:
    On-Line textbook info will be posted soon.   
    Note:  If you encounter issues accessing the online textbook please let me know so I can address the problems
    with the textbook company. 
    How to access the on-line textbook:
    1.  Access your internet browser
    2.  Enter the URL (site address)  http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
    3.  Then, use the following information to get started 
    Your child's user name:  Bobcats
    Your child's password:  Brink2019  (case sensitive)
    Note:  *User name and password are case sensitive
              *Pop-ups must be ON
               *Still can't access go to login on page and check "check your settings"
    4.  You should see your home page
    5.  If you get notice to download "flash" you will need to do that.