• The portfolio is a collection of all work completed by the student from beginning to end for this course. It should include textbook assignments, various handouts, study sheets, etc.... The student/parent may use the following outline to monitor what paperwork should be in the portfolio and the order in which it should appear.  The portfolio should be maintained and up to date at all times. The portfolio should be present with the student daily for instructor review.  Each student is responsible for the care and maintenance of their own portfolio. 

    This year the portfolio will be maintained through an ePortfolio method.  Depending on time lines for receiving student Chromebooks the ePortfolio launch may be delayed until software and/or methods of establishing the ePortfolio is available. 

    NOTE:  Due to Covid 19 the traditional methods of teaching and delivering subject related topics in the public classroom seem to be changing daily.  Please be patient and understanding as I myself am having to learn and adjust to these ever changing times involving classroom instruction and delivery methods.  Additional information will be provided on this page once decisions are made by the instructor.  Thank you.