• Discipline Procedure

    Step 1:  Student is provided written/verbal guidelines for classroom conduct.
    Step 2:  Verbal warning of violation or written behavior notice issued.
    Step 3:  Written behavior notice issued. Possible detention assignment.  Parent notified if necessary.
    Step 4:  Written behavior notice issued.  Possible detention assignment.  Parent notified if necessary.
    Step 5:  Written behavior notice issued.  Possible detention assignment.  Referral to counselor or principal if necessary.
    Step 6:  Referral to Site-Principal.
    *Some violations may require step 6 be implemented immediately.
    Behavior Guidelines for Students
    Student should observe the following while in the classroom:
    * Be in assigned seat when tardy bell sounds.
    * Have in their possession the assigned textbook for the course.
    * Have in their possession all materials required to be productive.
    * Have in their possession "their" coursework portfolio.
    * Remain silent when peers and/or the instructor has been yielded the
       floor for discussion and the delivery of instructions for lessons, etc...
    * Not throw or toss any object(s) while in the classroom.
    * Not deface, cut, chip, etc., any classroom furniture, walls, windows, etc...
    * Respect the personal property of their peers, the instructor and MPS.
    * Place all items designated as trash in the appropriate container before exiting.
    * Refrain from the use of inappropriate language while in the classroom.
    * Refrain from writing, reading and passing personal notes during classtime.
    * Have an understanding that all MPS and Brink building policies apply while
       in the classroom.
    * Refrain from using a cell phone while in the classroom unless approved by instructor.
    * Refrain from using unapproved electronics while in the classroom.
    * VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY are not allowed in the classroom unless approved by instructor. 
    * Have an understanding that a "Necessary and Proper" clause does exist for
       the classroom to operate in a positive direction.....