• Grading Policy
    Daily Lessons
    Daily lessons and homework assignments calculate as 40% of the students overall grade.
    Any "Daily / Weekly" testing calculates as 60% of the students overall grade.  The semester test it will calculate as 10% of the students overall grade while daily testing calculates at 50% of the overall grade.
    Late Work Policy
    An assignment submitted late could receive the following deductions UPFRONT before grading:
     *Late up to 24 hours = Up to 25% deduction before grading occurs (Medical/Instructor approved may apply for additional time).
     *Late between 24 and 48 hours = Up to 40% deduction before grading occurs.
     *Late after 48 hours = Up to 75% deduction before grading occurs (Medical/Instructor approved may apply for additional time).
     *Late after 72 hours = three (3) days = Depending on assignment and/or circumstances for assignment submitted.
              *Late after 5 days may or may not be accepted.  Speak with Mr. Crawford for clarification. 
    *Any assignment being graded during class for immediate student feedback may create a situation were
       late work is not accepted. 
    **If at any point plagerism is suspected a grade of zero will be issued. 
    *If a TEST is missed the student has 72 hours from their return to make-up the missing test. If a test cannot be made up within the 72 hour period, arrangements must be made during that time with the instructor to make up the test.  A score of zero could be issued after the 72 hour period has expired if arrangements or the test has not been taken.  Make-up test may not be an exact duplicate of the missed test. In some cases your daily test average may be calculated for the missing test grade.