The "SNoW" (¨State, National or World) board in the classroom is an ongoing extra credit opportunity available on a daily basis throughout the school year.  The student can bring in a current (within 30 days) article or political cartoon about something happening in our world that connects to our current unit of study. The student will present a summary of the article to the class and explain the connection to our unit of study.  Only one article per student, per unit is allowed, for up to 10 extra credit points.  Up to 24 articles will be accepted per unit - 8 for state events, 8 for national events, and 8 for world events.
    There may also be an additional extra credit assignment for each unit.  Due dates for this extra credit will vary, but there will always be at least two days to complete the assignment.  Extra credit is only accepted on the day it is due, unless the student is absent on that day.  Then it is their responsibility to turn it in on the day they return to school.  Extra credit assignments, along with their due dates and possible points, are posted in the classroom when assigned.  Possible extra credit assignments may include...
    CC1-4 - Hemispheres and Map Skills
    CC5-8 - What's In a Name?
    Unit 1 -  Population Pyramids of Europe
    Unit 2 -  African Masks
    Unit 3 -  SW Asia In the News - Keeping a Log
    Unit 4 -  Say the "Stans" or South Asia Newspaper
    Unit 5 -  Origami or The Disappearing Rainforests
    Unit 6 -  Write a Myth
    Unit 7 -  My Antarctica Vacation
    Unit 8 -  Top U.S. Vacation Spots Survey