• Classroom Expectations and Procedures


     Work the Puzzle of Success:  Be…


    Present – Be here!  It is very difficult to make up missed class time.

    Prompt – Be on time!  Class starts when you walk in the door. (2 tardies = 1 absence!)

    Prepared – Bring your supplies to class.  (This includes homework!)

    Positive – A good attitude will make the difference in everything you do!

    Polite – Be respectful!  Treat others the way you want to be treated.



    Grading is based on total points.  Daily work is 50%; assessments are 40%; each semester test is 10%.

    After school or before school detentions will be given as consequences for behavior that interferes with the Puzzle of Success.  Homework passes will be awarded for good behavior under special circumstances. 

    NO GUM allowed in class!  After first warning, it will be an automatic detention.

    It is your responsibility to make up assignments missed if you are absent.  Check the classroom agenda and ask for needed worksheets.

    Hall passes are given ONLY when absolutely necessary. 

    The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  Please wait to be dismissed.

    CELL PHONE POLICY – Unless being used in a teacher directed class activity, cell phones are to be turned off and put away, out of sight.  The cell phone will be taken by the teacher if this policy is violated.

    Writing your name on your paper should be your first step on all assignments.  It is difficult to give credit without a name.  “No Name” papers will receive a 3-point deduction if claimed.  FYI - Remember, this can change an “A” paper to a “C” paper!

    Extra credit may be offered for each unit.  It will be limited to 5% of total points per semester.  The SNoW Board is also an ongoing extra credit opportunity throughout the school year.  See the Extra Credit page for details.

    Late papers will be accepted up to two days late for 70% credit.  No credit can be given after two days late except under special circumstances.  Check with the teacher.

    “Explanations” for not having homework ready to grade will be written while the rest of the class is grading their homework.  This explanation will include the reason for not having it, why you should have it, and how not having it goes against the Puzzle of Success.  If this explanation is not turned in, it will be an automatic detention.

    The first day of each semester my students will be given a grade of 100%.  After that, your grade becomes your responsibility.

    This signed information sheet is worth 5 extra credit points on the first semester test and 10 points on the second semester test if presented at the time of the test.

    Have fun; be safe.  Enjoy each day and have a great year!

    **These Expectations / Procedures will be given out in the classroom and then signed by student and parent.   The paper will be worth extra credit points on both semester tests if presented at the time of the test.