Weekly Agenda
    Week of March 2-6
    Monday:                  Informative writing: body paragraphs
                                    and conclusion
    Tuesday:                 Revise and edit; Peer editing; Essay due
    Wednesday:            Peer Sccoring of Informative Essay
    Thursday:                Introduce Verbals; Note taking
    Friday:                     Journal Writing #21; continue with verbals
    Week of February 24-28
    Monday:                   Finish The Giver movie
    Tuesday:                  Argument Esaay: Fill out steps to 
                                     writing an argument; peer edit
    Wednesday:             Essay due; Peer scoring
    Thursday:                 Informative Essay; The Boy Who
                                     Lost His Smile articles; discussion and begin 
    Friday:                      Informative Essay continued 
    Week of February 18-21
    Tuesday:                 All classes finish reading The Giver
    Wednesday:            Argument Essay over novel; T Chart 
                                    and thesis statement; Introduction
    Thursday:                Body paragraphs including paraphrase and quote
    Friday:                     Begin movie
    Week of January 27-31
    Monday:                  Read The Giver
    Tuesday:                 Vocabulary Test The Giver ch. 1-4
                                    Do definitions and sentences for Ch. 5-8
    Wednesday:            Check for Understanding questions ch 5-8
    Thursday:                Read and discussion The Giver
    Friday:                     Vocab. Test ch. 5-8; Journal #19; continue reading         
    Week of January 21-24
    Tuesday:              Introduce The Giver; Vocabulary 
                                 and sentences for chapters 1-4 (12 words)
    Wednesday:         Start reading the novel; Focus on the numbers
                                 (ages) and precise language
    Thursday:             Finish chpter 2 of novel; Check for Understanding 
    Friday:                  Journal #18; continue The Giver
    Week of January 13-17
    Monday:                Kinds of subordinate clauses
    Tuesday:               Noun Clauses and Compund-Complex
    Wednesday:          Sentence Structure Review
    Thursday:             Sentence Structure Review
    Friday:                  Sentence Structure Test; Journal #17
    Week of January 6-10
    Monday:               Vocabulary Lesson 7: Base Words
    Tuesday:              Introduce Clauses: Independent and Subordinate
    Wednesday:         Continue with clauses and sentence structure
    Thursday:             Adjective, Adverb, and Noun Clauses
    Friday:                  Vocabulary Test 7; Journal #16, clauses and sentence  
                                  structure continued
    Week of December 9-13
    Monday:              Write counterclaim and conclusion
                                Revise and edit; peer edit
    Tuesday:             State Rubic review: Make booklet for
                                Argument Essay with all steps
    Wednesday:        Essay Due;  Peer Scoring
    Thursday:            Peer scoring continued
    Friday:                 Journal #15; Begin semester review
                                 prepare notes
    Week of December 2-6
    Monday:              Vocabulary Lesson 4: Word Parts
    Tuesday:             Vocab 4 due; Introduce Argument Essay
                                Do steps 1-5
    Wednesday:        Work on body paragraphs and counter claim
    Thursday:            Continue writing argument essay; conclsion
    Friday:                 Edit and Revise; Peer Edit; Journal #14
    Week of November 18- 22
    Monday:             Perfect Tenses continued
    Tuesday:            Continue with confusing pairs of verbs
    Wednesday:       Review tenses and progressive forms
    Thursday:           Test
    Week of November 11-15
    Monday:            Vocabulary Lesson 3: Word Parts
    Tuesday:            3 Simple Tenses and Progressive Forms
    Wednesday:       Perfect Tenses and Progressive Forms:
                                Write a "Play by Play"
    Thursday:           Tenses and conjugation
    Friday:                Vocabulary Test; Journal 13; Conjugation
    Week of November 4-8
    Monday:           Introduce Principal Parts of Verbs
    Tuesday:          Highlight misused verbs; do pgs 88-90
                             over Principal Parts of Verbs
    Wednesday:     Review Objects and predicate words;
                             Principal Parts review
    Thursday:        Field Trip
    Friday:             Verb Test over Action/Linking; Objects/
                             Predicate Words and Principal Parts
    Week of October 28- November 1
    Monday:          Informative essay due; Introduce 
                            Vocabulary 1 on Synonyms
    Tuesday:          Introduce Verb Unit; Notes
    Wednesday:    Action/Linking; Direct and Indirect Objects
    Thursday:        Predicate Nouns and Pronouns
    Friday:             Tenses; Vocabulary Test
    Week of October 21-25
    Monday:          Informative Writing: 3 point thesis
                            Introduction: Hook, summary, thesis
    Tuesday          3 body paragraphs:  embedding quotes
                            and paraphrases
    Wednesday:   Continue with body paragraphs
    Thursday:       Conclusion, revise and edit
    Friday:            Computer lab to type
    Week of October 14-17
    Monday:           In preaparation for Informative writing,
                             students will watch Macfarland USA
    Tuesday:          Continue movie
    Wednesday:     Read "nothing Holds Me Back" as second
                             source for writing einformative essay;
                             discussion; begin thesis
    Thursday:        Go through prepared steps for introduction 
                             body paragraphs
    Week of October 7-10
    Monday:            Infefinite Pronouns
    Tuesday:           Cont. Indefinite and Problem pronouns
    Wednesday:      Review for Test
    Thursday:          Pronoun Test
    Week of September 30- October 4 
    Monday:            Reflexive/Intensive Pronouns
    Tuesday:           Interrrogative/Demonstrative Pronouns
    Wednesday:      Review of Ref./Int. ad Interr./Demon.
    Thursday:          Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
    Friday:               Introduce Indefinite Pronouns; Journal #8
    Week of September 23-27
    Monday:            Continue Subject Pronouns and their use
    Tuesday:            Introduce Object pronouns; notes; review
    Wednesday:       Continue Object Pronouns
    Thursday:          Picture Day; Pronoun Quiz
    Friday:               Reflexive/Intensive Pronouns; Journal #7
    Week of September 17-20 
    Tuesday:            Computer lab for 365 training
    Wednesday:       Complete Book Cube Presentations
    Thursday:           Pre test over pronouns; Introduce unit
    Friday:                Continue pronoun; personal 
    Week of September 9-13 
    You should be working on your Book Cube Project- Due Friday!!!
    Monday:         Theme essay due; Vocabulary 3&4
    Tuesday          Check vocab; Introduce "Shift in Tone"
    Wednesday:   Grammar Pretest
    Thursday:       Vocabulary Test 3&4; Journal #5
    Friday:            Book Cube Presentations
    Week of September 4-6
    Wednesday:   Introduce Literary Analysis over Theme; write 
                            introduction and body paragraph 1
    Thursday:       Continue working on theme essay
    Friday:            Journal #4; Vocab. chapters 3 and 4
    Week of August 26-30
    Monday:         Check characterization assignment; Do vocabulary list
                           #2 (definitions and sentences with context clues); finish 
                           quote analysis for # 5,6
    Tuesday:         Check vocabulary; Turn quotes 2,5,6; Introduce 
    Wednesday:   Check symbolism assignemnt; Introduce conflict
                            Work on quotes 9,10
    Thursday:       Check conflict assignemnt; Introduce Theme
    Friday:            Vocabulary Test 2; Journal #3; continue Theme
    Week of August 19-23
    Monday:         Quote Analysis; Introduce vocabulary list 1 of The Pearl
                           dictionary definitions and sentences with context clues
    Tuesday:        Check vocabulary; Chrono log
    Wednesday:   Continue Chrono log; Quote Analysis for #5,6
    Thursday:       Introduce Characterization
    Friday:            Vocabulary Test 1; Journal #2; characterization
    Week of August 15-16
    Thursday:    Procedures and Rules of the classroom discussion
                        Hand outs
    Friday:         Collection of parent signed hand outs; Quote ananlysis
                         for The Pearl