Journal Writings
    Journal # 1
    August 17, 2018               What are your expectations for 8th grade?  Would you like to get more 
                                              involved in extra-curricular activities?  Do you need to get more organized?
                                              Have you set a goal to not procrastinate?  Explain
    Journal #2
    August 23, 2019        What is your "Pearl of the World"?  In other words, what
                                              would you do if you suddenly became very rich?  What
                                              would be your plan for the future?
    Journal #3
    August 30, 2019              What causes  stress in your life and what do you do to help handle the stress?
     Journal # 4
    September 6, 2019          What is your favorite room in your house?  Describe the room and why it is 
                                              your favorite.  Consider how you spend your time in the room.  You might think
                                              about the kitchen, great room or family room, or even your back yard or patio.
    Journal #5
    September 12, 2019        If you could relive one day, time, or event in your life, what would 
                                              it be and why?
    Journal #6
    September 17, 2019        If you could be principal for a day at Brink, what would you change or do differntly?
                                              Think about adding a new elective, making lunch longer, or changing the start time?
    Journal # 7
    September 27, 2019        Who has it easier: boys or girls?  Think about home and school.  Does your sibling have 
                                              easier chores at home?  Do your parents expect more from you?  Do teachers treat the 
                                              boys differently from the girls?  Explain.
    Journal #8
    October 4, 2019                What do you worry about?  List 5 things that cause you worry.  Choose one of the 
                                               5 and write about it.  Explain in detail.
    Journal #9
    October 17, 2019               Reflect on the first 9 weeks of school.  Have you been successful?  Have you 
                                                accomplished your goals?  Are your grades where you expected them to be?
                                                What are you going to do differently as we start the 2nd 9 weeks?
    Journal #10
    October 25, 2019               What would you do if you discovered that one of your good friennds was experimenting
                                                with drugs?  Would you contact his/her parents?  Would you discuss it with your parents?
                                                Would you confront your friend or do nothing?
    Journal #11
    November 1, 2019              Describe your most memorable Halloween.
    Journal #12
    November 8, 2019             You have been given two tickets to a special event of your choice.
                                                Where would you go, with whom, and what would you expect to experience?
    Journal # 13
    November 15, 2019           What are you thankful for in your life?
    Journal #14
    December 6, 2019             Some of you have already thought about what you want to do for a career.   
                                               Some of you have thought about several different things, and some of you know 
                                               for sure what you don"t want to do.  What are you thinking about for a career at 
                                               this point in your life?
    Journal #15
    December 13, 2019
                                                What one thing do you own that is most important to you?  Explain why this is the 
                                                most important thing that you treasure.
    Journal # 16
    January 10, 2020               Many public schools across the country as well as Oklahoma have implemented a
                                               dress code such as plain jeans and a shirt or khakis and a polor shirt.  What are 
                                               pros and cons for a dress code.
    Journal # 17
    January 17, 2020                You and 6 of your friends have a limo rented.  What adventure would you take?
                                                 Where would you go and what would you do?
    Journal # 18
    January 24, 2020               From everything you know so far in The Giver, would you want to live in a 
                                                community like Jaonas's?  What are the pros and cons of everything being controlled?
    Journal # 19
    January 31, 2020             What do you consider to be our most prestigious jobs in our society? 
    Journal #20
    February 7, 2020              If you could change places with anyone else for a day, who would you 
                                              choose?  What would you do? Explain
    Journal # 21                     Describe your most memorable Valentine's Day.
    Journal # 22
    March 6, 2020                   You open the front door to find a box addressed to you from a distant
                                               relative.  Describe what is in the box and explain why it was sent to you.
    September 28, 2016  
     Sometimes "joking around" and "messing with each other" can start
                             out as fun but can end up turning into bullying when one person feels like
                             a line has been crossed.  Describe a time when this has happened to you 
                             or someone  you know.  Were you ever a part of this?  Did you do something 
                             to stop it?  
    Journal #7
    October 5, 2018       What is the most important thing you have learned from your parents
                              and friends?  Reflect on both and explain in detail.

    Journal #8
    October 12, 2018        Reflect on the first 9 weeks of school which will end in a few days.  Have you
                                been successful?  Have you accomplished your goals? Are your grades where 
                                you expected them to be?  What do you plan on doing differently as we start
                                the second 9 weeks.
    Journal #9
    October 26, 2018        Describe what you think your life will be like twenty years from now.
    Journal #10     
    November 2, 2018             What one "thing" do you own that is the most important to you?  Explain
                                               its significance.
    Journal #11
    November 9, 2018              Do you think professional athletes and other famous people such as actors 
                                                deserve their salaries?  Explain.
    Journal #12 
    November 16. 2018            What are you thankful for in your life?
    November 30, 2018            You open the door to find a package addressed to you.  What is in the package?
                                                 Explain the nice surprise.
    Journal #14                         You and your friends have a limo rented for 6 hours and have $500 to spend.  What will
    January 18, 2019                 you do for your adventure?  Where will you go?  Explain in detail.  
    February 1, 2019                 You have been give 2 tickets to a special event of your choice.  Where will you go?
                                                  Who will you take with you?  What do you expect to experience while there?
    Journal #16
    February 14, 2019               Describe a memorable Valentine's Day.  Did you make Valentine boxes in 
                                                  elementary school?  Did you have parties?  What stands out to you about Valentine's Day?
    Journal # 17
    February 22, 2019              Do you think it would be beneficial to your family if everyone sat together and shared
                                                feelings?  Why or why not?  Explain.
    Journal #18
    March 1, 2019                     How might you feel if you lost all of your memories?  What role does memory serve
                                                 in your life?
                                               We all learn things from books while we are in school; however, books are not
                                               the only way to learn.  What life lessons have you learned from your friends
                                               and experiences at school?
                                               What are you most thankful for in your life?
                                                What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
                                                How did you handle it?  
                                                You are about to finish the first semester of your 8th grade year.  Thinking 
                                                ahead to the next and final semester of 8th grade, what can you do better?
                                                Have you stayed organized in all of you classes?  Do you procrastinate on 
                                                assignments?  Do you study for your tests?  Reflect on these questions and 
                                                explain how you feel about  your performance this semester.  What can you 
                                                do to be more successful 2nd semester?
                                              What role do memories play in your life?  What is more important to you, your
                                              past with its memories, or your present and future with all the experiences that 
                                               they  may hold. 
                                               If you could exchange places with someone for one day, who would it be?
                                               Describe your day in detail.
                                              Have you already decided on a career you want?  Do you have several things you 
                                              are thinking about or not have any idea at all?  Some of you may know some things
                                              you definitely do not want to do.  Write about your ideas on the subject.  Explain what
                                              you might be wanting to do in the future.  
    February 9, 2018
    Journal # 17                   Many public schools across the country have implemented some type of school uniform.  
                                            For some, it is as simple as a solid colored polo and jeans.  What are the advantages and 
                                            disadvantages of wearing a uniform?  After you consider both sides, would you be in favor 
                                            of a school uniform and why?
     February 16, 2018
     Journal # 18                  " Learning Comes In the Struggle "  What does this mean to you?  When have you struggled                          
                                            and then figured out what you were trying to learn?  Explain.
     March 2, 2018
     Journal # 19                  We all get angry at different things and have our own boiling point.  Do you get mad easily 
                                            or are you slow to anger?  What are some things that get you angry?  
     April 13, 2018
     Journal # 20                   Select 3 of these beginnings and write a paragraph for each in which you express
                                             your feelings on the topic:
                                                1.  When I feel lonely I...
                                                2.  The best ting about me is...
                                                3.  I like to be in a group when...
                                                4.  The worst thing about me is...
                                                5.  I get angry when...
    April 20, 2018                      Soon you will be going to high school.  What are your
    Journal #21                         feelings about being a freshman?  Are you nervous, scared, 
                                                 excited, or maybe a little of all three.  What do you expect it to be like?
                                                 Explain your feelings.
    April 27, 2018
    Journal #22                         Imagine a world without feelings and examine the pros and cons.
    May 4, 2018                        What gives you strength and courage?
    Journal #23                       
    May 18, 2018
    Journal #24                        Now that you are about to finish your time in junior high, what advice can you 
                                                give to incoming 7th graders?  Think about the lessons you have learned, the
                                                frustrations, the good and the bad times.  Think about how different 7th grade was 
                                                from 8th grade.  Pass along some good tips.
                                               If you had a limo for 6 hours, what would you do?  Who would you invite to go with you?  Explain
                                             your 6 hour adventure.
    February 17, 2017
    Journal # 20                      What is the most terrifying experience you have ever had?  
    February 24, 2017
    Journal #21                       In a couple of months, you will be a freshman.  What are your feelings
                                               about going to high school?  Are you excited, nervous, or scared?  Maybe
                                               your are all three.  Explain your feelings and what you expect it to be like. 
     March 3, 2017                  What do the items in your home say about you and your family?  Explain what
     Journal #22                      a visitor to your home might think.
    May 5, 2017
    Journal #27                        What advice would you give to the incoming 8th graders for them to have a 
                                                successful school year?  What do you wish someone had told you or what has helped
                                                you the most? 
    May 12, 2017
    Journal #28                       "Tell me what company you keep, and I'll tell you what you are."
                                                                                                                  Miguel de Cervantes
                                                What kind of person would Cervantes say you, are based on observing your friends? 
                                                School districts across the state are struggling to come up with ways to save
                                                 money due to the budget shortfalls.  Newcastle schools will be implementing
                                                 a four day school week in order to save money.  What are the pros and cons to
                                                attending school four days a week rather than five days?