• Pre-Ap courses "raise the bar" for students and build a foundation to prepare students for AP (advanced placement) classes.  The middle school years are a critical time to impart higher learning and deeper understanding of curricular content.  The knowledge and skills implemented will be more complex and at a higher level of difficulty than those commonly required in regular grade-level classes.
    Characteristics of a typical Pre-Ap class:
         student initiated learning
         rigorous academic content
         advanced levels in depth of knowledge
         complex content strategies
         consistent use of higher level thinking skills
         rigorous work in and out of the classroom
    Characteristics of a Pre-Ap student:
         has a depth of knowledge of the subject 
         is well organized
         had good study habits
         asks insightful questions
         expresses thoughts well
         grasps abstract ideas
         performs consistently at a high level
         produces quality work
         sets high standards for himself/herself
         persists when faced with difficulty
         seeks help when needed
         turns in work on time
         stays on task
         pays attention
         participates in class activities/discussion
         is willing to take risks
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