• A Typical Seventh Grader
    The average twelve-year-old is entering the stage in between childish and mature behavior.  He/She:
    • is spirited and enthusiastic.
    • can "stay put" longer and exercise self-contol.
    • develops a growing sense of intuition and insight into self and others.
    • becomes less moody and may become good-natured around adults.
    • becomes increasingly self-reliant and self-centered.
    • has strong desires to be like peers.
    At this age your child is learning how to be independent as he/she undergoes many changes.  You can help by encouraging him/her as he/she:
    • learns to cope with changes.
    • makes the transition to adolescence.
    • works on interpersonal skills.
    • adjusts to peer groups and pressure.
    • develops personal interests and abilities.
    • gains a greater sense of responsibility for behavior and decisions.
    Your 7th grader is entering a period of change on all fronts.  He/She is on the threshold of becoming a teenager, trying to determine who he/she is and what he/she can do separately from you.  To navigate this year successfully, your child must learn how to balance academics and a social life and how to have confidence in his/her academic abilities.  Your child will have trouble if he/she is not able to:
    • establish feelings of belonging within a group.
    • appreciate his/her own individuality.
    • avoid risk-taking behaviors.
    • complete and turn in all assignments in a timely fashion.
    • accept responsibility.
    Information provided by the American School Counselor Association.