•  Paris in words
    Bonjour! My name is Madame Najibi. I am a National Board Certified Teacher of French, and I teach all levels of French here at Westmoore. I hold a Bachelor's of Arts in French from Webster University (St. Louis, MO), and a Master's of Arts in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Oklahoma City University.
    I strive to provide a classroom atmosphere where all student have the opportunity to practice all skills in French. No matter what level of French your student is taking, they will have ample opportunity to gain proficiency in French. In my classroom students learn about the 3 P's:  Practices, Perspectives and Products of French language and culture. Since I am teaching for proficiency, students will be working on what they CAN DO in the language.
    I use a lot of different techniques and methods to reach all students. My passion is to engage them in language through language-rich lessons and activities.


    I have had 20 years of successful teaching from junior high French, English and ELL, to high school and university level French. I have also spent summers teaching English to non-native speakers in England, and for a year in France.
    I love to travel and get a certain excitement when I take my passport out of its place to use once again. I have led multiple student trips to England, France, Monaco and Spain. I have lived in England and France on many occasions and have traveled extensively in Europe, Canada and Africa


    I look forward to working and getting to know your student this year.  Thank you for allowing your student to be a part of the excellent French program here at Westmoore. 
    Madame Najibi