• Bienvenue à la classe de français I
    French I is a year-long class and is worth 1 credit.  In order to fulfill the language requirement, students must have 2 years of the same language. 
    • If a student decides to drop French 1 at semester, they will not fullfil their requirement for the credit that year. 
    • If a student fails French 1 during semester 1, they will not be able to continue in semester 2
    • If a student passes French 1 and enrolls in a difference language in their 2nd year of language study, they will have to take the NEW language for 2 years. Students must take 2 years of the SAME language to fulfill the credit.
    • Students who continue their studies beyond year 2 will eligible for Alliance Française awards and travel fellowships, and the Moore Public Schools or Oklahoma State of Education Seal of Biliteracy. Information about the Seal of Biliteracy can be found in Canvas under Announcements.
    Students in French I who would like to earn the French Honor Society cord (worn with cap and gown regalia at graduation), must take a minimum of two years of French study, and be an active member of the French Honor Society all their years at Westmoore. To learn more about the French Honor Society, see our link on the Extracurricular page.
    For additional information about the French I class please see the "Class Information" tab.