• Beginning Band


    Brink Beginning Band

    Any entering 7th grader wishing to learn a musical instrument is welcome to join the beginning band program at Brink Junior High.  No prior musical experience is necessary.  Band is a regular class that meets daily and joining band is as simple as indicating your preference on the enrollment form for Brink.

    Enroll in a Band Class 

    It's easy!  On your enrollment form for Brink, select one of the following classes based on the instrument you have chosen to play.  That's all there is to it. 
    Beginning Woodwinds
    Flute, Oboe, Bassson, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone 
    Beginning Brass 
    Trumpet or Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba
    Beginning Percussion 
    Percussion Kit (Bells/Drum Pad) 
    See this page for a description of each instrument: Band Instruments.  Recommended brands and models for each of the instruments are listed.
    Percussion is the only instrument with an audition.  If you are interested in percussion, you can test at the Band Instrument Fair or contact Steve Smith to schedule a tryout.  Visit Mr. Smith's website for more information. 

    Acquire an Instrument

    The following instruments must be acquired by the student for band: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet or Cornet, Trombone, and Percussion Kit.
    These local music stores offer a rental-purchase plan and a selection of quality new and used instruments.  They are full-service stores which also provide music books, accessories, and quality instrument repair.  
    Gilliam Music Company
    2280 West Main, Norman, 321-0080
    Larsen Music Company
    4001 NW 63rd St, OKC, 843-1573
    Palen Music
    7701 N. Broadway Ext. OKC, 896-8111
    The Horn Trader, located at 114 S. Western Ave in downtown OKC, specializes in quality used instruments.  They do not offer a rental-purchase plan but they do have good prices.  Their phone number is 235-3999.
    If you acquire an older instrument from a friend, family member, newspaper ad, or pawn shop, be sure to have the instrument checked at a music store and have them make any needed repairs.
    The following school-owned instruments can be used by the student with permission from the director: Bassoon, French Horn, Baritone, and Tuba.
    See Instrument Buying Guide for more information about acquiring a band instrument:

    Will Being in Band Affect My Child's Grades?


    Yes -- research shows that participation in band will affect your child’s grades for the better. 

    Recent statistics from the College Entrance Examination Board reveal that students with more than four years of music study scored 56 points higher than their peers on the verbal portion of the SAT and 38 points higher on the math portion
    Also, 70% of the nation’s major universities report that participation in a musical organization is a higher consideration than standardized test scores for admission decisions.
    Find out more here: 

    Get the BAND app


    BAND is a free group communication app. The group we created is a secure group that non-school members cannot join. We’ll be able to communicate privately and share files, forms, and videos and photos of what is happening in school.


    Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can access BAND on your PC at https://band.us.


    * IMPORTANT: You MUST use the link or QR code below to join the group.


    Smartphone: Scan the QR code below to download the app. You will be asked to create an account and will be asked to accept the invite to our BAND group.

    PC: Before going to the website, please be sure to copy/paste or type in the invite link below to your chrome, safari, or other internet browsers. You won’t be able to join the group unless you use this invite link. In case you’ve already created a BAND account, simply copy & paste the link to your browser.




    QR code


    How to create your profile

    When setting your child’s profile, write their first and last name in the top space.  Underneath write “beginning band”.  If they know their instrument already, write their instrument instead of the word “band” (e.g. beginning flute).  Parents write your full name on top and who your child is underneath (e.g. Mary’s mom)


    Any Questions?

    Please see the Brink Band Handbook for policy and procedures as well as Frequently Asked Questions concerning the band program. 
    If your child is going to Brink you may contact Mr. Ortega at 735-4540 or at: martyortega@mooreschools.com