• 2019- 2020

    Sep- Decorating cookies with flags

    Oct- Day of the Dead face painting

    Nov- Soups/Breads around the World

    Dec- Hanukkah presented by student

    Jan- Vietnamese Lunar New Year- student led

    Feb- Africa - student guest speaker

    Mar, Apr, May- no school



    2018- 2019

    Sep- Mural of dream trips, treats and Kahoot game

    Oct- African soups, International Fashion Show

    Nov- Tae Kwon Do and Korean snacks

    Dec- Gingerbread Houses

    Jan- Movie in Spanish, "La Misma Luna" with concessions

    Feb- Mardi Gras

    Mar- Celebration of Holi, a Hindu festival

    Apr- International Games

    May- booth at Spring Fling/field trip for the leadership committee


    2017- 2018

     Sep- Make New Friends activities and Decorating Cookies of World Flags

    Oct- Day of the Dead/Halloween

    Nov- French and Vietnamese Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukah

    Dec.- no meeting

    Jan-  Movie in Spanish, "La Misma Luna", and snacks

    Feb- no meeting due to weather

    Mar- Lunar New Year presented by students

    April- Multicultural Food provided by students and Manners

    May- booth at Spring Fling/field trip for leadership committee



     Sep- Decorating Cookies of World Flags

    Oct- Day of the Dead-  Face Painting and Food from Abuelita's

    Nov- Japan presented by a student, Jesenia Ramirez

    Dec- Christmas Around the World- 3 countries and Hanukkah

    Jan- Lunar New Year- Vietnamese presented by students

    Feb- Eating and Greeting - International Soups and Breads

    Mar- Movie Day- The Hundred-Foot Journey- with "concessions"

    Apr- International Games- healthy snacks

    May- no meeting



    Sep.- "Popsicles and Painting"

    Oct.- Day of the Dead- presentation by a student and making masks

    Nov.- South Korea - presentation and food by a student/parent volunteer 

    Dec.- Christmas Around the World- 7 continents

    Jan. - Carnaval and Mardi Gras lead by a guest

    Feb.- Vietnamese New Year- games, costumes,music, food- presented by student group

    Mar.- Ireland with Ms. Connors

    Apr.- no meeting

    May- Field trip to Alvarado's to eat together




    2014- 2015

    Sep- no meeting

    Oct-  International Games and snacks

    Nov- "Greeting and Eating" around the world with soups and breads

    Dec- Made Gingerbread House and ate Buche de Noel

    Jan- Chinese New Year- food, art, customs

    Feb- Movie Day-  The Hundred-Foot Journey with "concessions"

    Mar- no meeting

    Apr- Dances from 4 countries with guest instructor

    May- Candy Sales at Spring Fling and Field trip- walking to and eating out together at Alvarado's





    Sep.- Korea – food, clothes, games, words, etc.-  presented by a student

    Oct.- Halloween Celebrations Around the World (including Day of the Dead)- presented

    by Mrs. Green

    Nov.- Ireland- general information and customs with show and tell and dessert- presented

    by Ms. Connors

    Dec. – Italy and study abroad- PowerPoint and feast – presented by Mrs. Green's daughter

    Jan. – Foreign film with subtitles, La Misma Luna (with “junk” food)

    Feb./Mar.- no meetings

    Apr.- International Dance- guest instructor, Ashlie Stover (with “healthy” snacks)

    May- Fundraiser at Spring Fling and "Field trip"- walked to Sno-Boba Cafe


    In the more distant past:

    The Annual Taco/Taquito eating competition, Spook-O-Grams,

    End-of-the-Year Candy Grams, Spring Fling Jail, and

    the Annual Holiday Celebration.