Junior High Computer Classes

  • Computer Education Course Curriculum

    Computer Education
    (1 Semester)
    Course No. 4016
    Grade Level 9-12
    Prerequisite: None
    Students will learn to use technology as a tool as they study basic hardware, software, and systems operations. Additional topics of study will be multimedia, file management, graphics, computer ethics and safety, careers and an introduction to game design concepts.

    Game Design and Development 
    (1 semester - starts 2nd semester) 
    Grade Level: 8
    Prerequisite: Computer Education #4016 
    Students will be actively engaged in problem solving while exploring elements of game design. The history and background as well as the humane, cultural, and political aspects of game design will be covered. Students will be using not only computer skills, but many other skills related to the process of game design. Developing concepts, storyboarding, using multimedia, drag and drop programming, play testing, and bug fixing will be a part of the course.
    Keyboarding and Office Applications
    (1 semester)
    Grade Level 7 & 8
    Enables the student to develop keyboard mastery and to develop basic skills and techniques for personal use and/or further studies. The student will be introduced to the various applications in the MS Office Suite.