Messages from the Principal

  • Welcome to Our School!


    Dear Students, Parents and Patrons:

    Welcome to Central Junior High. We are so glad that you are visiting our website which is a work in progress but an exciting chance to connect with you as we all work together. Over the years, we have enjoyed a great working relationship with our community. 
    The process of learning is a little more complicated than many would have us believe. It is not completely described in a lesson plan, it is not perfectly directed by a curriculum, a text book activity or a software program, and it is not necessarily measured well by a test score. The truth is that it takes students, teachers, parents, administrators and sometimes an entire community working together to really “make it happen.”
    In that spirit, this website is only one tool for building bridges between all the people who will have to communicate and cooperate. You will find a great deal of valuable information here, but honestly you will not find every answer for every issue. Some of those answers haven’t been developed yet and some of those issues haven’t even been defined. The real magic happens when you feel comfortable and engaged enough to contact your teachers, your counselors and your administrative staff. We welcome your insight and involvement as we work together to create bright futures for us all.
    It continues to be an honor to be:
    Your Principal,
    Tammy Hillis

    2019-20 Opening Letter

     Parents and Guardians of Central Junior High,

    In kicking off our 2019-2020 school year, I felt it was imperative to share our school wide goals and initiatives. Last year, we started a culture committee with our faculty.  The goal of our committee was to review our culture and make recommendations to ensure we are creating a safe, productive, and positive environment.  By evaluating these three items we plan to positively impact student interactions and increase instructional performance.  We have committed as a faculty to have better communication, increase positive reinforcement for students, and improve consistency with school wide procedures and expectations. 


    Communication is provided through letters sent home, phone calling, emailing, school and teacher websites, our school messenger system, school marquee, PTSA Facebook page, etc. In addition, we have provided a school agenda for every student.  In every class, your student should be writing their assignments and if they have homework.  You can also check the back page to see how many times they are requesting to leave class.  The part labeled “Central Focus” and “Parent/Teacher Initials” are optional areas that can be used to provide more student support if needed.  Agenda replacements are available for $10.  


    Positive reinforcement is being provided individually and school wide.  Teachers are giving away raffle tickets when a student is caught doing something positive.  We will draw winners for a weekly prize.  Teachers have the option to mail your child a postcard recognizing their strengths.  There will be special assemblies and other events students can qualify to attend.  The purpose of this is to encourage and reinforce positive behavior of all students.


    Consistency with school wide procedures and expectations has been improved in multiple areas.  The faculty has met and implemented a minimal schoolwide baseline for consistent classroom expectations, procedures, and disciplinary processes.  In our culture committee, we identified several concerns with hallway safety, hallway behaviors, student timeliness in getting to class, and anxiety regarding lockers.  To help correct the concerns, we decided to allow students to carry backpacks for essential school items.  Our goal was to eliminate the need for lockers because it was the major contributing factor to our hallway concerns.  Teachers do not issue textbooks, but use classroom sets and online versions at home.   Starting August 26th, we have decided as a faculty to keep notebooks in the teachers’ classrooms to assist in making the backpacks lighter. The only essential school items that a student will need to carry in their bag is their agenda, reading book, light weight expandable file folder, pencils, and any homework.  Items in a student’s backpack should not weigh more than 10 lbs. 


    We have already seen a positive change in hallway concerns and throughout the school.  If there are any special circumstances for your student, please contact the main office. We are excited these positive changes will make for a safe, productive, and positive learning environment.


    Tammy Hillis, Principal