• Q: Is Ms. Durham the same teacher as the Ms. Unsicker who taught at CJH from August 2001 until May 2010 and as Ms. Durham until May 2018?
    A: Yes. Ms. Unsicker married her sweet soul-mate, Ray Durham on July 10, 2010 and has since been known as Ms. Durham.

    Q: How do I contact Ms. Durham?
    A: You may send an email to shellydurham@mooreschools.com.

    Q: How do I make-up missing assignments?
    A1: In class, update your Weekly Assignments sheet, then check the Handouts Crate by Ms. Durham's desk. If you are turning in the assignment late, know that this is encouraged, but speak with Ms. Durham about late credit. Have a plan in mind to keep up with future assignments. Habitually late assignments will not be accepted.

    A2: Online, check the Assignments link. If you need a specific handout, you may download it from the Handouts link. Remember: you must show Ms. Durham your Make-up Work to receive credit for the day(s) you missed. 

    Q: Why do we have to complete a Summer Reading assignment?
    A: Reading is one of the most important skills you will develop. Growing more proficient in both comprehension and fluency takes practice. Learning to read the books and articles you choose to read will help you tackle the more difficult text you will find in high school, college, and the work place.

    Q: What if I haven't finished my summer reading?
    A: It's not too late!!! Start reading. If you have questions about the assignment, email Ms. Durham at shellydurham@mooreschools.com.

    Q: What supplies do I need for Reading 8?
    A: See the supply list link.